Kids’ Taekwondo and Karate Classes

MAT kids get in shape, make friends, and grow as people, all while having a TON of fun. Many MAT parents tell us it’s the best thing they’ve ever done for their child.

Teen Taekwondo and Karate Classes

Our teenage students benefit from killer workouts, challenging martial arts skills and a peer group of outstanding young people striving side-by-side toward a common goal.

Adult Taekwondo Classes

Adults who train at MAT tell us they increase their athleticism and have found a terrific way to decrease their stress. Taekwondo enables you to embrace a traditional martial art as well as a modern, Olympic sport.

Family Martial Arts Classes

Taekwondo is an activity the whole family can do together. Families who train at MAT have the chance to forget their busy days, homework and house-cleaning to come together for some fun and hard work.