Taekwondo Classes Make Super Athletes
 in 4 Unique Ways

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Taekwondo increases athletic performance in ways other martial arts don’t. In this blog we’re going to share four unique ways taekwondo classes turn ordinary people into super athletes. So buckle up Northville, Novi and Plymouth, Michigan taekwondo friends – because we’re diving right in with…

#1 Taekwondo Classes Improve Flexibility

More or less, all aspects of taekwondo necessitate a high degree of flexibility. That’s true whether you’re engaged in taekwondo sparring and trying to kick your opponent’s head for the bonus points, or whether you are performing a poomse and trying to place the perfect kick at your head height.

The importance of high kicks makes stretching a considerable part of taekwondo training. Taekwondo may be second only to yoga in its ability to increase the flexibility of its participants.

The benefits of flexibility extend far beyond the taekwondo class. Lengthening and stretching your muscles will help to prevent injuries, back pain, and balance problems.

A flexible muscle can more easily attain its full range of motion. Flexibility improves not only athletic performance but also makes everyday tasks seem more accessible. Imagine bending over to pick something up without the restriction of a tight lower back and hamstrings – flexibility makes life easier.

#2 Taekwondo Creates Balance and Agility

Taekwondo kicks, by their very nature, get you up on one leg. Not only that, they have you up on one leg while recruiting the rest of your body to keep you there. Taekwondo moves put you in all kinds of unnatural positions – and mastering them increases your overall balance and agility.

Once again, the benefits of increased balance and agility from taekwondo training extend beyond the mat. You won’t be as prone to injuries that result from a loss of balance, you’ll feel more comfortable on your skateboard, and moving through your everyday tasks will feel more effortless.

#3 Taekwondo Fosters Athletic Explosiveness

Taekwondo builds fast-twitch muscle fiber like no other sport. Well-developed fast-twitch muscle enables you to explode from entirely still to your top speed in an instant.

In general, hitting someone with a kick requires you to be faster than if you were trying to hit them with your hands. Because of this, taekwondo practitioners train to explode into motion at speed sufficient to catch even the gamest of opponents unaware.

This kind of explosive power is helpful in all sorts of other sports, including golf, tennis, sprinting, pitching, and so on.

#4 Taekwondo Builds Strength and Muscle Endurance

While taekwondo as an activity doesn’t cause you to move your muscles under resistance the way that weight lifting does, it does cause you to move and stop them with tremendous speed. This increases muscle strength to some degree, but it does more to increase muscle endurance.

Most taekwondo schools will incorporate at least some body-weight resistance training into their classes, and some (like ours) will include health club-style fitness equipment and workouts.

That means your taekwondo training will have you feeling strong and looking lean in no time.

Taekwondo Classes in Northville, Novi, and Plymouth, Michigan

Interested in taking taekwondo classes ? Do you live in the Northville, Novi or Plymouth, Michigan area? We’d like to invite you to check out our school. You can read about taekwondo for kidstaekwondo for teens, or taekwondo for adults to find out more about our programs.

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Not sure if taekwondo is right for you? Check out our definitive guide to finding a martial arts school.