A Brief History of Michigan Academy of Taekwondo Locations

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Origins in Plymouth, MI

‘Michigan Academy of Taekwondo’ started its life as ‘Academy of Taekwondo, Plymouth’ when it opened on 5 Mile Rd. in Northville Twp. – which gave it both a Plymouth address and its name.

Our school was originally founded in 2005 by local taekwondo legend Dan Vigil, who owned and operated the school until Paul Rose, the current owner, purchased it in 2015.

Dan operated the school at its original Plymouth (or Northville Twp.) location for only one year before it outgrew the space and parking lot. Dan had already moved the school’s office into the Allstate agency next door to try to take advantage of every inch of available space, so with the school bursting at the seams, he started hunting for a new location.

The Move to the City of Northville 

So, in 2007. Dan moved ‘Academy of Taekwondo, Plymouth’ to 7 Mile Rd. in the city of Northville. This grew the school’s square footage from 1200’ to 2700’, and temporarily solved the space and parking issues.

The move further north into the city of Northville also moved the school just enough toward Novi that many Novi residents started to enroll alongside the folks from Plymouth and Northville.

It was also at this time that Dan changed the name of the school from ‘Academy of Taekwondo, Plymouth’ to ‘Dan Vigil’s Academy of Taekwondo.’

A funny side note: Dan used his name in the school’s name on the advice of his mentor, Keith Hafner of ‘Keith Hafner’s Karate.’ If you ask Dan today, he’ll tell you he wished he hadn’t. As outgoing as he is, he always felt a little silly with his name on the door.

Our school’s current owner, Paul Rose, happened to live just across from the 7 Mile facility. Paul and Dan had been friends since their teens but lost touch over the years. It was because of this twist of chance they reconnected – and that Paul owns the school today.

Accommodating Novi Residents

By 2010 the academy had once again outgrown its digs. After months of searching for a facility in the Northville, Novi, and Plymouth area the school finally chose its current location in the Water Wheel Building in downtown Northville.

This move not only gave the school an additional 3,000 square feet, showers, and a huge 4,000 main training room, it also made it even easier for Novi residents to attend. Dan relocated to Novi, buying a home in Chase Farms just .9 miles north of our building.

Ideal Location For a Taekwondo and Karate School In Northville, Novi, and Plymouth

Paul would become the academy’s head instructor when it moved to downtown Northville, then as mentioned, purchase the school from Dan in 2015. Paul chose the current name, ‘Michigan Academy of Taekwondo.’

Not that Paul would have, but Dan did urge him not to call it ‘Paul Rose’s Academy of Taekwondo.’

While Dan had chosen to live just north of the facility in Novi, Paul chose to buy a home just a couple of minutes to the south in Plymouth.

Funnily enough, the home-buying choices of both owners illustrate how convenient it is for anyone in Novi or Plymouth (and of course Northville) to commute in for classes.

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