The Best Family Taekwondo and Karate Classes in Northville, Novi and Plymouth!

A word from Michigan Academy of Taekwondo Owner and Head Instructor:

“Hi there! If you are considering training in martial arts as a family, then I want to take a moment to give you a personal word. My dad, Ron Rose, became the first person in our family to live the martial arts life when he started in the sixties. Since then, my mother, three brothers, our children and even our wives have caught his enthusiasm and followed him onto the mat.

When I was a young kid on the mat I looked at my parents like they were superheroes – and I remember being a teenager who struggled to communicate with my parents but could still come together through taekwondo. Now I, as a father myself, I experience those same things from the other side and I have to say that, in spite of everything else the martial arts have done for me, this is what I treasure the most.

Through the years, taekwondo has given our family a way to be proud of each other, sweat together, help each other, work together, celebrate, laugh, and unite. I cannot imagine my family without it. Training together has deepened our bond tremendously.

Because I believe that training together is so profoundly beneficial for families, I do everything I can to support the families training at MAT. One way I do that is with a straightforward family membership: pay for the first two people in your family to join, and everyone else trains for free. No catch.

If you think you would like to give our family classes a try, I recommend starting with the children’s introductory program. If everything goes well for the kids, we start the parents.”