The Best Adult Martial Arts Classes in Northville, Novi and Plymouth

Begin Your Martial Arts Training With This Thought…

I am starting a journey.

The martial arts lifestyle is a never-ending series of physical and mental challenges that will shape you as a human being.

Overcome these challenges class after class, year after year, and you will become a better person – physically stronger, mentally sharper, and grounded by an ancient tradition even as you find your place in a modern, global community.

But beware of this trap: Too often, martial artists become focused on a destination instead of the journey. They fixate on a black belt, a medal, a title.

Then, when they have reached their destination, their journey is over, and they stop training. The ultimate benefit to their life is minimal.

In martial arts, all that matters is that you stay on your journey. There will be moments that feel like victory and moments that feel like failure. These are only moments. The only failure is to quit; the only victory is to continue.

You will hear a lot of schools say they are “Black Belt Schools.” Not us. We are a “White Belt School” because we strive to be a welcoming place for anyone to begin their journey.

It’s the day you start that matters. Because black belt or not, there should never be a day you end.

Why choose taekwondo for your martial arts journey?

There is no “best” martial art. There is only the best martial art for you. What distinguishes Taekwondo is its balance between being a traditional Korean martial art and a modern Olympic sport.

Taekwondo’s poomse (forms) component is reminiscent of traditional disciplines like kung-fu and karate, with an emphasis on mental-discipline and structure. In contrast, the gyroogi (sparring) of Taekwondo is propelled by modern sports psychology and exercise science.

Taekwondo’s sport component is similar in nature to Brazilian 

jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and mixed martial arts (MMA,) but its co-emphasis on culture and tradition makes it less about conquering others and more about conquering yourself.

In many ways, Taekwondo is the best of both worlds. This is likely why Taekwondo is the most practiced martial art in the world. 

Taekwondo training is like a moving, dynamic meditation. The taekwondo practitioner must align their breathing, body movement, and mental focus to become proficient in the art.


Taekwondo will help you gain flexibility, agility, cardiovascular endurance, explosive speed and power, body awareness, breath control and mental acuity. Because taekwondo’s challenges are great, so too is the growth you will experience when you overcome them. 


Why choose the Michigan Academy of Taekwondo?

Much of choosing a martial arts school comes down to choosing a teacher, and MAT’s head coach, Master Paul Rose, is an excellent choice.

The son of 9th-degree black-belt and international referee Ron Rose, Paul was a local legend on the tournament scene in the 1990s and early 2000s. He is well respected by the Nation’s top coaches to this day and offers a level of Taekwondo understanding that is unparalleled in the State.

More than that, Paul is one of the kindest and most empathetic people you will meet. He is a husband, father, and small-business owner who understands the demands of a “real life.”

Consequently, Paul has an excellent way of adapting Taekwondo training around those demands, be they in your schedule, your body, or merely mental barriers to be overcome.

Paul works with his teaching staff, all high-level black belts with decades of experience, on a never-ending basis. The teachers at MAT each offer their own unique take on training, but share a common dedication to helping students become the best martial artists they can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get hurt?

Don’t be alarmed you’re not getting an immediate “no” to this question. After all, this is martial arts, not bird-watching. We first like to point out the difference between hurt and injured. Injured is bad. That’s where something breaks or tears, and you go to the hospital to get it repaired. Hurt is different. Lots of things hurt: paper cuts, cupboard doors to the head, Legos on the floor in the middle of the night. Hurt hurts, then it’s over. We pretty much guarantee that at some point on your journey you’ll experience hurt. Injuries, however, are infrequent. You’re more likely to be injured playing soccer or basketball than on our mat. 

We make every effort to keep you safe. We have the very best equipment, from our 1.5″ Zebra MMA mats (no puzzle mat crap here) to the quality gear we sell. The mat is cleaned at least once a day with an anti-bacterial solution, and strict hygiene rules prevent the spread of infections like staff and ringworm. 

Do I have to fight?

No. Your journey may not include sparring. We have many dynamic drills designed to give you some of the benefits of fighting while dramatically decreasing the risk of getting hurt. Most of our sparring is done in separate classes and is optional. Keep in mind, the journey evolves. You may start out sparring and let it go down the road, or you may begin thinking you will never do it and find yourself entering tournaments and chasing medals. 

Will I look like an idiot?

You don’t have to worry about looking silly, because we all look silly from time to time. It’s part of why we love each other. Getting over that initial nervousness to put on the pajama-looking gi and get out on the mat is common to all those who start their journey. Start anyway. 

Are the ranks accredited somehow?

 Yes. Our school is a member of USA Taekwondo, the national arm of World Taekwondo, which is delegated by the International Olympic Committee. We are also members of the Korean Taekwondo Association. Our black belts are officially certified by the Kukkiwon in Seoul, South Korea.