Kids Martial Arts / Taekwondo Programs


Kids Martial Arts


The kids taekwondo (karate) program at the Michigan Academy of Taekwondo is structured in such a way that children are not ONLY having fun in martial arts class, but learning important life lessons from role model instructors during karate classes for kids. Yes, there are a lot of games and fun exercises but the primary objective of kids taekwondo classes or kids karate classes is to equip children with life skills that will enable them to make good decisions and get along better with other people.


We do this by focusing on three major areas of emphasis for martial arts classes for kids.


The first area of emphasis is confidence. Although we will teach your child actual techniques to fend off a “bad guy” we focus more on building their confidence so they don’t get seen as a target in the first place. In martial arts classes for kids will teach your child how stand with good posture, how to project their voice, and how to make good eye contact. Through this confident projection our hope is that they never actually have to use their learned skills in the first place.


The second area of emphasis is what we call athletic fundamentals. Balance, agility, strength, coordination, and flexibility. Developing these attributes during kids taekwondo classes will send your child back to the gym class and other athletic activities more confident and capable than before karate classes.


The third area of emphasis is what we consider the most important and what parents like the most about our taekwondo lessons for kids program. This is to develop good character. Self-esteem, courage, courtesy, self-respect, respect for others, focus and discipline. If we can instill these character skills then we feel we are really doing our job. We do this through constant repetition of drills during kids martial arts training that contain these character skills. In addition, MAT does a series of weekly themed “MAT chats” where we discuss important topics including safety and bullying tips that your child can carry out into their everyday life. So in short, our goal is to create well-mannered. strong minded, fit, and happy children through martial arts classes for kids.