Welcome to the Michigan Academy of Taekwondo

Taekwondo Classes in Northville

At the Michigan Academy of Taekwondo, we are focused on teaching our students self-defense, fitness, and, most importantly, character development through the martial arts.  We offer taekwondo classes in Northville, MI for all ages – kids, teens and adults.


Our martial arts classes for children are a fun, safe way for kids to learn self-defense, develop athletic fundamentals, and gain good character traits such as discipline, respect, focus, and confidence.

teens taekwondo


Our teen program provides the opportunity to learn good martial arts while developing meaningful friendships while training under positive role model instructors. Teen students will continue to nurture their youthful energy having a ton of fun while developing the discipline, focus, and confidence to take on the challenges of nearby adulthood.

adult taekwondo


Adults train at Michigan Academy of Taekwondo (MAT) for a variety of reasons — to get in great shape, relieve stress, experience camaraderie all while learning essential self-defense skills. Since we are a family martial arts center, many parents find it the perfect activity to do with their children. 

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